An online 2-4 player Co-op game made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 52!

You play as a skeleton, sailing on an adventure across the seas, until you get eaten by a mysterious sea creature with a unique ecosystem - The Bone Whale. You are what you eat, so, in order to survive, you must fight literal waves of skeletal sea inhabitants.


  • Harvest the bones of your enemies.
  • Take cover from waves.
  • Murder a whale.

Made by Team Melon:

  • Dan - Director, Programmer
  • Lennyi - Programmer
  • PxlDev - Artist
  • Wolfenrahd - Musician, Artist
  • Omm - Graphics Programmer, Artist, UI Artist, Musician, Maintenance Guy


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Quick hotfix before the jam ends, fixed many major issues and increased the difficulty slightly. Have fun :)