This game was made by Team Melon for GMTK 2022!

In this game you fight a dice of trickery, as Cape Knight, also known as Bob. The Dice of Trickery has some interesting tricks up its sleeve... Well... if it had sleeves...

Danial Jumagaliyev Director, Programmer
PxlDevGeneralist (Music, Sound Effects and Environment artist)
Web page Designer 
Fully RenderedMovement Programmer
deadgenghisCharacter Artist
LiktoUI Artist
OmmtdhConcept Art

MovementWASD and Arrow keys
AttackingE, Shift keys and Left mouse click
Exit To Main MenuHold Escape key for 3 seconds


Slay The Dice (Windows) 29 MB
Slay The Dice (MacOS) 39 MB


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Love the aesthetic in this game!