This game was made by Team Melon for Ludum-Dare 50!


Drag boxesLeft mouse click and drag
Create a box (only last level)Right click

Never walk left!

How does the game apply to the theme (Delay The Inevitable)?

The narrator guides you to winning this game as fast as possible. But if you ignore his rules, and seek other places, you are just delaying the inevitable. The inevitable, here, being the fact that you will win, no matter what path you choose.


Download 70 MB


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Ive got 4 endings are there more?


Maybe ;)


at a certain spot, there is a menu glitch

thanks for the feedback! we’ll look into it


Is it just the same game with the optional dialogue?

Yeah, the dialogue will change according to your interactions and the amount of times you play. There are secrets, that is the whole point of the game :)

at the start go left into the blue wall

Thank you!!! Awesome game :)


I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Interesting game!


Had a fantastic time with the game! 

First of all, I have to praise the game's page, which is something extraordinary to me. I have played thousand of games like this, but somehow, it managed to hype up my expectation for the future update, if it does come. 

The gameplay mechanic was brilliant. I loved the replay value for the game and the eeriness of this situation my character was in and that intriguing dialogue about wanting more from the game, until I did try to break the 4th wall.

I loved this. Great Job developer (s) and wish you all the best with this. Cheers! 

Enjoy the video: 


have you tried to lower the volume of the narrator? something interesting might happen...

I will try to do that next time when I play it. Good Job.